… forget technicolour, I see the world in aspievision…

And the trumpets sounded to announce the obvious finally being confirmed….

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….that she has ASD!

“Rebecca’s developmental history and current presentation contain sufficient examples of deficits in the areas of social interaction, social communication, imagination and creativity, sensory sensitivities and ritualised behaviours to warrant a diagnosis of ASD.  Rebecca’s interactional style is very much like that of a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, given the presence of cognitive skills within the average range (if not above) and the absence of early language delay.  Although all autism spectrum presentations are currently being described as ASD and indeed the latest DSM V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual, Fifth edition) manual no longer contains Asperger’s Syndrome as a separate category, we think it is important to observe that Rebecca’s presentation is better captured under the label of Asperger’s Syndrome, for the above stated reasons.”

I believe you could refer to this as a Eureka moment!


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