… forget technicolour, I see the world in aspievision…

The world of Autism Bloggers, a delight and a minefield!


It’s been a week since I joined twitter and happened upon Autism Bloggers, both Parents of Autistic children and those that are Autistic themselves, and it’s opened up a whole new world for me to explore!

I am discovering a wealth of information and developing a profound respect for the unadulterated honesty from some of these Autism Advocates. There is so much knowledge shared and just hearing someone describe experiences and emotions you have yourself lived through and felt makes you realize there are others who could conceivably empathize with your own experiences.

Now I know that there have always been groups out there that I could have joined, but being the way I am… well, being a “joiner” has never been something that has appealed! Walking into a room full of strangers… I think not!

However this new world seems to have a whole new set of rules, acceptable and unacceptable terms, etc, etc… It’s taken 38 years to get some sort of grasp on the Neurotypical world… and counting… a work in progress shall we say… and now I have to learn about a whole new community with it’s own social conventions, generally accepted standards and criteria but no-where does it stipulate what these are!

There also appears to be division and discontent with how others within the community are portraying themselves and people feeling that this does not accurately reflect their own experience with Autism… A drawback of Autism, an inability to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes”, which takes me back to my previous comment that reading some of these blogs “makes you realize there are others who could conceivably empathize with your own experiences” and I question whether I am searching for a grail that is unattainable…

… So here I am, one week into the world of Autism Bloggers, definitely a concoction of admiration, delight and knowledge all liberally sprinkled within a social minefield!


3 thoughts on “The world of Autism Bloggers, a delight and a minefield!

  1. I’m finding that required respect and allegiance take particular forms when engaging with this “world of Autism Bloggers” you speak of.
    Respect, in this world, is really accepting the other’s view of things. Our expressed autistic view of things are such green shoots, that few of us can take more than acceptance or approval. So respect means keeping your reservations to yourself. The division and discontent is then a bit of a problem, in my view.
    You then find people whose views are enough like your own, that you can spark of each other; and there you can have allegiance and friendship. Friendship because shared insight about the autistic runs so deep, and means so much to those of us who hold to these particular views.
    The way that respect and allegiance have to work in this autistic world, is then different from how these things play out in a more social world. Donna Williams speaks of that social world’s competitiveness, and it as a problem for autistic persons; and I think she is right.

    • Thank you for the response.
      You are so right, respect for anothers experience and opinion is key, each of us is a unique compilation of autistic and neurotypical tendencies and therefore our understanding of the world is intrinsically different from another Aspie….
      The delight I speak of is the daily discovery of a Blog that speaks to and connects with an element of my unique experience, reading these “sparks” a reaction in me, whether it be empathy or a challenge for me to reconsider a previously held view or a pure light bulb moment of new understanding!

  2. I too work (personally and professionally) to the understanding that each of us embodies a rich mixture/compilation of what is autistic and neurotypical/social.

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