… forget technicolour, I see the world in aspievision…

Why am I here blogging and tweeting?…

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… well it’s about time I joined the “trend” of blogging and tweeting… and if no-body reads it? Well as what seems like an outsider looking in on life does it really matter? I’ve had it with Facebook and the whole “social networking” phenomenon, just another way for someone with undiagnosed Autistic Spectrum Disorder to ponder on what the hell is going on, how do I fit in and another opportunity to feel sidelined! I need to vocalize how I feel and somehow twitter and blogs seem separate from the world of Facebook where all your friends and family are an audience to how you struggle through the world, the idea that they would know my confusion as I process all I interact with, including them, makes me feel naked… And I may as well start as I mean to go on by baring all my little “quirks”, so can I just say it’s very uncomfortable posting this when there is no justify option in the editing! If I Align Left then the right side is unnecessarily uneven and visa-versa! After careful deliberation I’ve decided to Align Center, at least then the uneven edges are mirrored creating an even unevenness!


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